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In this media kit you will find Christopher's and Rachel's biography, current pictures, book endorsements, articles written by Christopher, examples of flyers and brochures, and a list of suggested interview questions for TV or radio presentations.
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Christopher McCluskey is a popular speaker, author, and professional certified coach. He is president of Coaching for Christian Living, a state-of-the-artinternational coaching business, and serves as director of the Christian Track at the Institute of Life Coach Training. As a former psychotherapist, he co-founded the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists and the Institute for Sexual Wholeness, a master's-level training program for Christian counselors. Chris produced the highly-acclaimed DVD program, Coaching Couples into Passionate Intimacy: God's Intentions for Martial Sexual Union, and has appeared in numerous television and video programs on sexuality from a Christian perspective.

Rachel McCluskey is also a life coach who homeschools their seven children. She and Chris have co-authored several chapters in popular Christian books, including The Complete Marriage Book, A Celebration of Sex, and The Complete Christian Parenting Book.


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Book Endorsements

One of the healthiest, most Biblically-consistent and God-honoring presentations
of sexuality I have ever read.

~Dr. Gary J. Oliver executive director,
The Center for Marriage & Family Studies
at John Brown University

This is a resource every pastor needs with material every marriage can benefit from!

            ~Gene Appel
Associate Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church

No matter how long you’ve been married, (or if you’re about to be married),
When Two Become One can enrich your life.

~Dr. H. Norman Wright
best-selling author of Quiet Times for Couples

This is a wonderful book that I can endorse enthusiastically.  It is clearly written, interesting, Biblically-based, richly illustrated with stories, always in good taste, and intensely practical.

~Dr. Gary Collins founding editor
of Christian Counseling Today magazine
and bestselling author

No one brings together the spiritual and sexual parts of marriage in as clear and
meaningful a way as the McCluskeys.

~Drs. David & Jan Stoop
best-selling authors of When Couples Pray Together
and The Complete Marriage Book

  If you only read one book on this subject, this ought to be the one!

~Dr. Sandra D. Wilson
author of Released From Shame and Into Abba’s Arms

Offering a refreshing approach, the McCluskeys capture the basics of marital sexual intimacy with a much needed emphasis on the emotional-spiritual connection so vital to couples
discovering complete sexual satisfaction.

~Dr. Clifford & Joyce Penner
best-selling authors of The Gift of Sex and Men and Sex

When Two Become One
will challenge you to celebrate God’s good gift of sex in your marriage and will help you create a deeper intimacy and connectedness with your spouse.
The question and answer sections just may answer yours!

~David & Claudia Arp
authors of the 10 Great Dates series and Love Life for Parents

When Two Become One helps couples understand marital sexual intimacy as an act of worship, painting a beautiful picture of the way God intended it.

            ~Al Denson
award-winning Christian artist/songwriter

... should be read by every married couple who wish to transform their experience of
simply ‘having sex’ into truly ‘making love’.

~Elder Bobby Gibson Sr.
director of counseling,
The Potter’s House Church/T.D. Jakes Ministries

The McCluskeys unveil a model to assist couples in growing deeper in their love for God and one another.  Enjoy this magnificent picture of marital love as commitment, action, devotion and sacrifice.

~Dr. William R. Cutrer, M.D. OB/GYN
certified Christian Sex Therapist,
author of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage,
and Gheens professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Chris’s warm, knowledgeable, practical teaching has helped my students gain a biblical perspective on sexuality that has helped them personally and professionally.

~Dr. Jim Hurley
department chair, Marriage and Family Therapy Program,
Reformed Theological Seminary

Christopher and Rachel McCluskey go where few Christians have gone, demonstrating how sexual intimacy is not only God’s plan for marriage but is a powerful means of worshipping and glorifying the Father. We’ll refer to this book over and over – it’s a must-read.

~Clarence and Brenda Shuler
Building Lasting Relationships, Inc., (in conjunction with FamilyLife
and the Billy Graham School of Evangelism)

A soon-to-be classic on sexuality within the Christian community.
~Dr. Robert D. McCall
coordinator of missionary care,
Church of God World Missions International

Christopher and Rachel blow away the mist that has shrouded the sacrament of marriage, revealing the Biblical truth that sexuality is the physical picture of a spiritual reality.

~Monte & Karey Swan
authors of Romancing Your Child’s Heart and Home and Hearth

This is a wonderful book that speaks to the sacred heart of marital sex.
I will assign couples I work with to read it together.

~Rev. Michael Sytsma, PhD
certified sex therapist
and founder of Building Intimate Marriages, Inc.

When Two Become One captures the true spirit of making love, affirming a woman’s desire for relational intimacy and bonding as well as encouraging passion. Couples will grow in their sense of God’s delight as they enjoy his “wedding gift”, and will experience how we actually glorify him as we become one.

~Debra Taylor, MA
certified sex therapist
and co-author of Secrets of Eve: Understanding the Mystery of Female Sexuality


Articles & Reviews

When Sex Hurts: Vaginismus - Marriage Partnership Magazine, Summer 2008, Vol 25, No 2, Page 35

Having Sex, Making Love - An Interview conducted by Tom Michaels Zahradnik for Family Life Canada, Dec 2007

Going from Good to Great - Ginger Kolbaba, Marriage Partnership Magazine, Fall 2007, p 44-45

Spirituality and Sex - Ginger Kolbaba, Marriage Partnership Magazine, Spring 2007, p 32-35

Tackling a Taboo - Cameron Conant, Christian Retailing E-zine, March 19, 2007

When Two Become One Book Review - Raelynn Eickhoff, Marriage Partnership Magazine, Spring 2006

The Soul of Sex - Bethany Torode, Books & Culture Magazine, May/June 2005 (Excellent Book Review)

Can This Marriage Be Saved by God - Christopher & Rachel McCluskey, Ladies Home Journal, Vol CXXI, Dec 2004

Editorial Quote - Christopher McCluskey, Plugged In Magazine, Focus on the Family, Vol 10 No 5, May 2005

Cyber Sex and Cyber Porn - Christopher McCluskey, Christian Counseling Today Magazine, Vol 8 No 1, 2000

The Spirit of the Act
- Christopher McCluskey, Christian Counseling Today Magazine, Vol 9 No 2, 2001

Fawning Over Flint - Christopher McCluskey, American Family Association Journal, March 1997

Life Coaching: Caring from a Distance - Christopher McCluskey, Christian Counseling Today, Vol 8 No 1, 2000

News Article Announcing MiniConference - Christian authors to explain Lovemaking Cycle, sign books Tuesday evening at Christian Church, St. James Leader Newspaper, p12A, April 24, 2006.


KeyNote/Presentation Topics


A Cultural Perspective on Sexuality
How Did We Get Where We Are?
(75 to 90 minutes in length)

A Biblical Perspective on Sexuality
What was God's Original Design?
(75 to 90 minutes)

A Practical Perspective on Sexuality
How Can We Experience More of God's Vision for our Marital Intimacy?
(75 to 90 minutes)

A Chance for Your Questions (to be addressed anonymously)

Read Examples of Questions Men & Women Ask










Suggested Interview Questions for Radio or TV


Guest intro:
My guests today are Christopher & Rachel McCluskey, authors of the highly-acclaimed book When Two Become One: Enhancing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.  First published in 2004, the book was re-released in oversized paperback last year and was one of the top sellers in its category in 2006.  Christopher is a popular speaker, professional life coach, and a former Christian counselor certified in sex therapy.  He is a co-founder of the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists and of the Institute for Sexual Wholeness, a master’s level training program for Christian counselors.  His wife, Rachel, is also a life coach and the homeschooling mother of their seven children.  They’re joining me today from their ranch in the foothills of southern Missouri.

You may or may not want these few sentences about the book itself:
The book casts a beautiful and compelling vision of marital intimacy as God intended it.  The most unique feature is an innovative model called The Lovemaking Cycle© which is now being taught in seminaries and graduate programs in marriage counseling throughout the U.S. and overseas.  The model suggests a picture of God’s three-dimensional plan for sexual union (body, soul & spirit), and provides a powerful tool for addressing problem areas that can threaten the beauty of that plan.

Suggested interview questions (for either of us, unless otherwise noted):

  1. Christopher, when people discover that you were a Christian sex therapist, how do they respond?
  2. Why are we so reluctant to talk about sexual issues within the church community?
  3. In your book, you make an immediate distinction between “having sex” and truly “making love”.  How do you define the differences?
  4. Why do you say that Christians ought to be the most sexually fulfilled people on the planet?
  5. Rachel, you state that sexual union is first and foremost a means of communication.  What do you mean?
  6. You see a link between sexuality and spirituality.  Explain that.
  7. Your book centers around a schematic model you have developed called The Lovemaking Cycle©.  Can you give us a quick overview of the model?
  8. Talk to us a little about the first of the four quadrants, “Atmosphere”.
  9. Assuming that the atmosphere or environment within a marriage is conducive to lovemaking, how do couples flow into the second quadrant, “Arousal”?
  10. And that leads naturally to the third quadrant, “Apex”…
  11. Talk about this fourth and final quadrant of The Lovemaking Cycle©, the “Afterglow”.
  12. Chris, toward the end of your book, you have two chapters that simply address several of the most frequently asked questions you receive from men and women about sexual intimacy.  I noticed that men seem to struggle with the fact that their wives often have a lower sex drive than they do.  How do you respond to that frustration?
  13. Rachel, it sounds like women often struggle with their body image.  What help can you offer there?
  14. What would you say are the one or two biggest threats to sexual intimacy as God intended it?
  15. You wrap up the book by emphasizing that making love is something a couple should be doing all day long.  You’ve alluded to this before – say a little more about that.
  16. Your book is available in Christian bookstores as well as Borders, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Amazon, etc.  You also have other resources available such as a videotape on The Lovemaking Cycle©.  Where can people find that?  (We’ll give the email address for our online bookstore:

I don’t know whether or not you’ll offer the book as a promotional item that people can order through your show, or if you’ll do any commercials at break times for the book.  If so, this is copy we have used which fits into a 60-second spot:

Sexual issues are cited as one of the primary reasons for marital conflict and divorce.  Finally, a book has been written for Christians that blends the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of marriage with the sexual.  When Two Become One: Enhancing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage has been called a “must-read” for couples wishing to enhance their love life.  Written by former Christian sex therapist Christopher McCluskey and his wife, Rachel, this practical, detailed resource offers a vision of lovemaking that facilitates a deeper experience of intimacy on all planes of marriage.

The most unique feature of When Two Become One is The Lovemaking Cycle©, an innovative model that captures the heart of truly making love (as contrasted with simply “having sex”).  The model suggests a picture of God’s three-dimensional plan for sexual union and provides a powerful tool for identifying problems that can threaten the beauty of that plan. 
Whether you are newly married or have been wed for decades, now is the time to ignite the intimate, passionate love God created you to enjoy!  Get your copy of When Two Become One, available at bookstores everywhere.


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